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About 3170



The present RI District 3170 was first carved out as District 317 from the erstwhile District 315 in the year 1959-60, which was covering entire Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and part of Tamil Nadu. Later in 1970-71, some more areas were converted into new districts 318, 319 and 313. The territory of District 317 then included entire North Karnataka, Southern parts of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Then again in 1983-84, another new district 316 was formed taking out Gulbarga, Raichur, Bidar, Bellary, Chitradurga and Anantpur and Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. Now district 3170 covers Kolhapur, Sangli, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg districts of Maharashtra State, Dharwad, Gadag, Haveri, Bijapur, Bagalkot, Belgaum and North Kanara districts of Karnataka State and entire Goa State.

It was in 1959-60 that our district was created by redistricting of District 315 and 320 with 36 clubs as its constituents. The boundaries were defined as “Goa India”, Maharashtra State, that portion south of latitude 18 degrees. Mysore State, that portion south of latitude 18 degrees. Andhra Pradesh, south of latitude 16 degrees.

With 22 additional clubs in the very first year, District 317 started with the Rotary Message reaching even Taluka towns. Through subsequent Governors, believing in strengthening the existing clubs could not be as enthusiastic rather over enthusiastic as Sidwa, there was slow but continuous growth in number of Clubs. By 1969-70, this District 317 has grown into an unwieldy district with 88 clubs. As the other five districts in India has also similar growth in the number of clubs, Rotary International decided to double the number of districts. So it was in the year 1970-71, that 12 districts were carved out of the previous six districts. The Bangalore conference in 1970 under the leadership of Governor Rangaswamy was the last District Conference of the undivided District 317.

The newly formed District 317, was given the following jurisdiction “India, Maharashtra, that portion south of latitude 18 degrees, Goa, Mysore that portion north latitude 14 degrees, Andhra Pradesh, that portion of south of latitude 16 degrees and North of latitude 14 degrees, and the number of clubs came down to 40. Rtn Nahni T. Kapadia was earlier nominated as Governor Nominee for 1971-72. Due to the sudden decision of bifurcation and lack of time, Nahni was asked whether he was prepared for preponement of the district leadership. On account of his inability to accept the permitted proposal, a postal ballot for election of Governor-nominee was held in April 1970, which gave the late Rtn Sakharam Ghatge of Kolhapur as the first Governor of the newly constituted District 317.

From 1970-1973 three clubs in Andhra Pradesh namely, Bupatla, Chirala Ongole were facing the problem of proper communication with the Governors of Dist 317, thus retarding their progress. This clubs being nearer to the clubs in district 315, Rtn Pandurang Mangalwedhe DG 317 and his counterpart Governor Rtn Umamaheshti Rao of 315 jointly proposed to the Rotary International Redistricting Committee transfer these clubs to the district 315. The district conferences of both the districts passed the resolutions accordingly. The R. I. Board agreed and after transfer the original description of the boundaries remained the same, with the addition of a clause, “excluding the district of Prakasam” in May 1973.

For a Governor to start his year by losing three clubs was not an enviable position. But the district’s loss was as much of a gain to these clubs as to district 315. Chartering three new clubs under the leadership of District Governor Rtn Pandurang Mangalwedhe of Chikodi, Chiplun and Solapur North in 1973-74 made up this loss. Thanks to the spade work done by his predecessors.

Like on the previous occasion the number of clubs in not only district 317 but also in other districts increased to such an extent that R. I. had to consider redistricting within little over a decade. The new districts formed by reallocation of clubs were more than doubled. The last conference before the bifurcation was held at Hubli under governor-ship of Rtn Dr R. B. Patil in 1984. After redistricting District 317 had to part with 33 clubs in Maharashtra, Kamataka and Andhra Pradesh and gained two clubs from Kannada and the new Rotary Year 1984-85 began with 46 Clubs. In this redistricting already mentioned earlier, revenue districts were the constituents of the Rotary District. From then on till up to date the jurisdiction of District 317. now called as District 3170 is as follows:

Karnataka - Revenue Districts of Bijapur, Belgaum, Dharwad, Gadag, Haveri and Karwar.
Maharshtra - Revenue Districts of Kolhapur, Sangli, Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri.
State of Goa.

Looking to the slow and steady growth in the membership of the clubs in all the then 30 districts the day may not be far for consideration of further redistricting. As Governor for 1971-72 the second year of the newly formed district, Rtn Nahni Kapadia laid a strong foundation for systematic district organization with well knit and coordinated committees and this has been a boon to his successors.

While many other districts were struggling in selecting the Governor-Nominee by the method of election, leading sometimes to unhealthy and un-Rotary like practices, our district boasted of a strong nominating committee procedure for nominating Governor-Nominee even before 1970. The procedure of selection by the nomination committee has been continuously streamlined to make it almost foolproof. Except three freak exceptions, the district has approved all the candidates selected by the nominating committee, though there were many occasions in the later stages when elections became necessary, yet the nominating committee’s candidate came out successfully.