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1Voice Of Gargis20th March, 2019Voice of GargisVoice of Gargis - Edition 4Gargis KolhapurClick To View
2FLASH January 201910th January, 2019FLASH January 2019Flash January 2019Kolhapur SunriseClick To View
3Spark Rotary Bulletin10th March, 2019Spark Rotary BulletinSpark Club Bulletin July 2018KarwarClick To View
4SOUTH BREEZE31st December, 2018SOUTH BREEZEDuring the Family dinner meeting and 31st December New year celebration the club bulletin was released.Belgaum SouthClick To View
5SOUTH BREEZE OF FEBRUARY25th February, 2019SOUTH BREEZE OF FEBRUARYClubs monthly Bulettin was released in Family Dinner Meeting.Belgaum SouthClick To View
6Action Bulletin 3022nd January, 2019Action Bulletin 30Action Bulletin 30IchalkaranjiClick To View
7Action Bulletin 2915th January, 2019Action Bulletin 29Action Bulletin 29IchalkaranjiClick To View
8Action Bulletin 288th January, 2019Action Bulletin 28Action Bulletin 28IchalkaranjiClick To View
9Action Bulletin 2725th December, 2018Action Bulletin 27Action Bulletin 27IchalkaranjiClick To View
10Action Bulletin 2411th December, 2018Action Bulletin 24Action Bulletin 24IchalkaranjiClick To View
11Action Bulletin 234th December, 2018Action Bulletin 23Action Bulletin 23IchalkaranjiClick To View
12Action Bulletin 20 2119th November, 2018Action Bulletin 20 21Action Bulletin 20 & 21IchalkaranjiClick To View
13Action Bulletin 1830th October, 2018Action Bulletin 18Action Bulletin 18IchalkaranjiClick To View
14Action Bulletin 1723rd October, 2018Action Bulletin 17Action Bulletin 17IchalkaranjiClick To View
15Action Bulletin 1616th October, 2018Action Bulletin 16Action Bulletin 16IchalkaranjiClick To View
16Action Bulletin 159th October, 2018Action Bulletin 15Action Bulletin 15IchalkaranjiClick To View
17Action Bulletin 142nd October, 2018Action Bulletin 14Action Bulletin 14IchalkaranjiClick To View
18Action Bulletin 1111th September, 2018Action Bulletin 11Action Bullettin no. 11IchalkaranjiClick To View
19Action Bulletin 104th September, 2018Action Bulletin 10Business Meeting Read and confirm BOD MinutesIchalkaranjiClick To View
20Action Bulletin 928th August, 2018Action Bulletin 9Rakshabandhan Chief Guest Honn. Member- Additional SP Shriniwas Ghadage and Rotary members and Anns Family Dinner programIchalkaranjiClick To View
21Action Bulletin 821st August, 2018Action Bulletin 8Club assembly at rotary club of ichalkaranji AG. Amar Dongare Addressing to rotary membersIchalkaranjiClick To View
22Action Bulletin 714th August, 2018Action Bulletin 7Deaf School Students from ichalkaranji city Dance competition and price distribution of rangoli art and sports by hand DG ravikiran kulkarni location uttam talkiesIchalkaranjiClick To View
231st Edition15th August, 20181st EditionRotary Gargis KolhapurGargis KolhapurClick To View
24Voice Of Gargi26th January, 2019Voice of GargiVoice of GargiGargis KolhapurClick To View
25Rotary Club Dharwad Weekly Bulletin SPOORTI6th September, 2018Rotary club Dharwad Weekly Bulletin SPOORTICelebration of teacher's day Guest speaker : Aravind Kulkarni, Rtd. Principal, KHK Institute of Engineering Director, Planning & Relationship, KLE Technical University, Hubballi.DharwadClick To View
26Rotary Club Dharwad Weekly Bulletin SPOORTI30th August, 2018Rotary club Dharwad Weekly Bulletin SPOORTIFamily dinner meet Enjoy with entertaining one minute game.DharwadClick To View
27Rotary Club Dharwad Weekly Bulletin SPOORTI23rd August, 2018Rotary club Dharwad Weekly Bulletin SPOORTITalk on membership and retention Guest Speaker : Rtn. Girish Hampiholi Meeting converted in to condolence meeting due to sad Demise of former Prime Minister of India Sri Atal Bihari VajpeyeeDharwadClick To View
28Rotary Club Dharwad Weekly Bulletin SPOORTI16th August, 2018Rotary club Dharwad Weekly Bulletin SPOORTITalk on membership and retention Guest Speaker : Rtn. Girish HampiholiDharwadClick To View
29Rotary Club Dharwad Weekly Bulletin SPOORTI9th August, 2018Rotary club Dharwad Weekly Bulletin SPOORTITalk and interactive session on Organ Donation GUEST SPEAKER : Dr. S.K.DESHPANDE, MBBS, MS., Head of the Department of Anatomy & Vice Principal, SDM, Medical Collage, Sattur, Dharwad.DharwadClick To View
30Rotary Club Dharwad Weekly Bulletin SPOORTI2nd August, 2018Rotary club Dharwad Weekly Bulletin SPOORTIKnow your new members. Self introduction of New membersDharwadClick To View